V-STARS /S System

The V-STARS/S system uses a single camera, hand-held, to capture multiple images of the object of interest. Thee images are fed into the V-STARS software to convert to meaningful data, i.e. coordinates.

The V-STARS /S Single Camera System is used when coordinates of objects have to be collected, to compare to design, to align parts, to compare the object in different temperature, pressure or orientation, to itself or to design.

The operator targets the component, takes photographs and feeds the photos to the V-STARS Software to get the coordinates of the points of interest. A video explaining the use of the V-STARS offline system is available on the videos page.

Salient features

V-STARS Photogrammetry is the chosen equipment for metrology the world over owing to the following characteristics, which greatly reduces the time, man power, and other infrastructural requirements;

Extremely High Accuracy
Real-Life accuracy of BETTER THAN 4µm + 4µm/m of the size of the object (0.044mm on a 10m object) is attainable with the single camera V-STARS system.

The accuracy of V-STARS is traceable to NIST standards, and has been fully tested and validated in accordance with the VDI/VDE 2634 standard for optical 3D measurement systems.

The V-STARS process is totally non-contact, which makes it ideal for the measurement of both delicate items that deform when touched, and objects in hostile environments such as solar vacuum chambers and nuclear plants.

Fast results
Single camera V-STARS systems produce results on site within minutes of completing photography of the object. Results are available instantly, in real-time with the multi- camera on-line V-STARS M systems. Moreover, the INCA4 camera supports ultra-fast wireless connectivity in both V-STARS Offline and Real-Time modes.

V-STARS is highly flexible and adaptable, and is routinely used across a wide range of applications, exemplified by dimensional characterization, part inspection, deformation measurement or even part adjustment.

V-STARS is battery operated and highly portable, and can be transported to remote locations, generally as carry-on luggage comprising a camera case and laptop computer. The system is thus ideal for complete on-site measurement operations.

Negligible temperature effect
As the photography is generally completed in less than 10-15 minutes, the effect of thermal expansion/contraction on the object being measured is minimized.

Immune to environment
V-STARS makes it possible to take highly accurate measurements everywhere, including on the dusty shop floor, on-site, while standing on cherry pickers and ladders and so on and so forth.

Immune to vibration
V-STARS operates in unstable environments, including upon vibrating or unstable floors, man lifts, cranes and ladders. Additionally, the object itself can be vibrating or moving during the measurement without affecting the results, though it must retain its shape during the photography.

Versatile in confined spaces
The system is sufficiently versatile to operate in even the most confined spaces and challenging line of sight environments.

High data rates
V-STARS in single camera mode is capable of measuring thousands of points in the same amount of time it takes to measure hundreds.

Thermal vacuum chamber
With I-CAN, cameras can operate in thermal vacuum environments, yet still produce the same high accuracy as V-STARS operating in normal conditions

Target projection operation
The PRO-SPOT target projection system enables the measurement of thousands of points on a surface without applying a single target. PRO-SPOT is suited to rapid surface measurement for inspection or adjustment purposes

Proven Track Record
GSI has established itself internationally over nearly half a century as the premier Photogrammetry system manufacturer in high accuracy, image-based 3D industrial coordinate measurement. Moreover, V-STARS has been fully tested and validated in accordance with the VDI/VDE 2634 standard for optical 3D measurement systems.