Geodetic Systems, Inc.

GSI is the world's leading firm in Industrial Photogrammetry. We have been providing a wide variety of photogrammetric measurement services for over 35 years, and have been producing state-of-the-art turnkey photogrammetric measuring systems for industrial clients for over two decades. With thousands of our V-STARS digital imaging based photogrammetric systems installed worldwide, GSI is far and away the dominant international producer of automated photogrammetric systems for non-contact, high accuracy 3D coordinate measurements in industries ranging from aircraft, aerospace and automobile manufacturing, through to shipbuilding, and to the antenna, nuclear and wind power industries.

V-STARS uses custom high-resolution digital cameras coupled with automated data processing to generate highly accurate dimensional measurement data very rapidly, with results being available to the user on site either in real-time or within a matter of minutes depending upon the mode of operation. The combination of fast turnaround and ultra-portability makes V-STARS an attractive system for a wide range of applications. These include tasks such as tool and parts inspection, parts fitting, reverse engineering, surface conformance determination and analysis. We are proud to support many of the world’s leading industrial companies.

GSI's experience in close-range industrial photogrammetry is unmatched. We have performed many hundreds of photogrammetric measurement projects and have provided extensive measurement services across all large-scale manufacturing sectors. This experience allows us to remain at the cutting edge of automated 3D measurement technology.


GSI was founded in the 1970s by Duane C Brown. His research in photogrammetry, geodesy and statistical error theory in the application of cameras to determining rocket trajectories was the beginning of his brilliant work that has earned him international recognition as a leader in the development of photogrammetric theory.

GSI introduced their first commercial photogrammetry camera, the CRC-1, in year 1983. The reseau platen, for which Duane C Brown received a 1979 patent, was incorporated in the CRC-1 microprocessor- controlled camera, which, with a comparator and software, was the basis for a turnkey system for industrial photograrnmetry referred to as "STARS" This included a new Duane Brown-designed computer-controlled monocomparator (AUTOSET-1) using digital image techniques for high-speed automatic image targeting at great accuracies.

GSI has come a long way since then, with continued pioneering work in hardware and software which makes GSI the unrivalled and undisputed leader in Close Range Photogrammetry worldwide, till date.

1983 – CRC-1 Camera

1984 – AutoSet-1

1990 – CRC-2 Camera

1994 – 1st Digital Camera

1996 – INCA-1 camera

1999 – INCA-2 camera

2004 – INCA3 camera

2008 – INCA 3a+

2010 – DynaMo D5

2013 – DynaMo D12

2015 – DynaLink

2016 -  INCA4

2018 -  New Platinum Camera, D System ugrades

2021 - New Platinum Camera

2022 - New D5, D12, D45 Systems

2023 - 100Hz D System

GSI inventions that have added greater functionality and ease-of-use to the V-STARS Photogrammetry System over the years.

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