DynaMo Systems

Kinematics made easy!!!

The latest members of the V-STARS family, the D5, D12, and D45 Cameras. These cutting-edge systems were developed in response to industry demands, aiming to take real-time tracking to new heights.

With the Dynamo range, you can now track objects at impressive speeds ranging from 40 Hz to 100 Hz, and with very high accuracy, (better than 5um+4um/m to 10um+14um/m) providing instantaneous data on shifts and rotations between two epochs. This breakthrough capability significantly broadens the applications and potential benefits of V-STARS for the industry.

DynaMo Applications:

Salient Features

Small, light weight

Rugged, ready for industrial use

Virtually unlimited photo sensor and flash life

Works in unstable environments without loss of accuracy

Works in ambient conditions

Coarse adjustment

Fine Adjustment

Close-Loop Robot Tracking

In-Situ CMM

d tracking 1 video
D tracking drone real time track
D tracking multi obj.mp4
d tracking vid 4