Antenna - Terrestrial and Space

Arecibo Antenna (320.8 kB)

NRAO Antenna (819.18 kB)

PRO-SPOT Antenna (2,796.45 kB)

For all space antenna materials:

Aluminium space antennas

Composite space antennas

Honeycomb space antennas

Inflatable space antennas

Mesh space antennas

Other bespoke designs

Antenna Surface Measurements

Surface RMS

Reflector and Sub Reflector Alignment

CAD to Part inspection

Individual panel measurement

Mould measurement


Deformation due to gravity

Deformation due to Temperature

Deformation due to Load

Space Antenna Special Tests

Thermo-distortion test

Vacuum chamber measurement

Oven Tests

Thermal radiator truss test

Space structure measurement

Space Thermo-Vac simulation measurement

Panel Measurement

Surface Measurement

Deformation Measurement

Temperature Deformation

Jig Verification

Feed Alignment

Shape analysis

Transportation check