INCA4 Camera

Most capable Photogrammetry camera ever!!

INCA4's state-of-the-art imaging hardware purpose-built for photogrammetry, combined with GSI's proprietary hardware and software calibration techinques make the INCA4 the most accurate photogrammetry camera ever! 

Rugged, Reliable, Protected - INCA4's metal frame, dual handles and dual lampheads surround and form a "protective frame" around the camera and lens. The lens is also protected by an integrated lens cap that never gets lost. The lens compartment is completely sealed and the electronic shutter generates no particles or debris and never wears out. This makes the INCA4 a truly industrial Camera

With its fast electronic shutter (<50us minimum exposure time), and integrated stroboscopic flash (< 40 us typical exposure time), INCA4 can measure high-speed events or fast-moving objects even in full sunlight. 

Easy Aiming and Viewfinding
INCA4 has dual aiming line lasers that make aiming easy even in difficult situations. An optional, removable parallax viewfinder is also available.

Easy Handling and Use
INCA4 is powerful but simple to use and operate. Each handle has a combined laser/trigger switch so the camera can be held and operated with either or both hands. The camera's only other button is the menu button. The LCD display and buzzer provide clear, simple feedback and instruction. Exposure is automatic and the focus is fixed so INCA4 is truly a "point and shoot" camera,

Wide-Angle Lens
INCA4's wide field-of-view (72 degrees H x 58 degrees V) reduces setback distance for easier measuring in tight areas.

Powerful and Portable
INCA4 can measure using targets, or by touching features with GSI's small, wireless hand-held probes, or by using one of our Pro-Spot target projectors to project high-contrast dots for high-density targetless measurement. All components fit in airplane carry-on or checked baggage size cases.

Multiple Interfaces for Maximum Flexibility
Compressed images (typical compression > 10:1) are saved on removable USB disks for off-line measurements, or are transferred either wired (GigE), or wirelessly (802.11) for on-line measurements.