The V-STARS Photogrammetry System essentially consists of;
(1) a camera that is purpose-built for photogrammetry and
(2) the software to process images, compute and display meaningful data.

Adding other hardware to this configuration, like additional cameras, and / or including PRO-SPOT or I-CAN, enhances the scope of the equipment to achieve additional objectives.

The Possible configurations are;

OFFLINE - The off-Line system is essentially a single V-STARS Camera that is used to take multiple photos of the object, which the V-STARS Software stitches, or bundles together and extracts 3D points from the bundle.
1) Single V-STARS camera Collection of static points
Single V-STARS camera + PRO-SPOT Collection of a dense cloud of static points and processing these to get coordinates
3) Single V-STARS Camera + I-CAN For measurements inside a thermo-vac chamber or under water

REAL-TIME - The V-STARS Real-Time system uses multiple V-STARS cameras to capture images, which the V-STARS Software triangulates in real-time.
) Multiple V-STARS cameras Real-Time collection of a single or multiple points
Multiple V-STARS cameras + PRO-SPOT Real-Time collection a dense cloud of points
3) Multiple V-STARS cameras + I-CAN Real-Time measurements inside a Thermo-Vac chamber

The V-STARS Photogrammetry system comes with either the INCA4 camera, or a modified Nikon camera for entry level applications.