Car Seat (1,506.75 kB)

Jig Measurement (1,337.95 kB)

Application Guide (1,028.39 kB)

Feature Targets (612.76 kB)

Deformation Tests (1,578.47 kB)

Ford Fixture (749.18 kB)

Panel Measurement

  • Individual Panel measurement

  • Assembled body panels

Surface Measurement

  • Component verification

  • Stamping and die measurements

  • Real time inspection

Deformation Measurement

  • Deformation due to changes in position or attitude of components

  • Deformation due to load

  • Dynamic measurement

Repeatability check

  • Repeatability of individual components

  • Assembly tool repeatability studies

Jig Verification

  • Periodic inspection of jigs

  • Verification after initial build

Component Alignment

  • Alignment of key features and hinge lines

  • Alignment of manufactured components to body

Shape analysis

  • Measurement of parts to verify shape fit to CAD surface mode

  • Verification of shape under load

Transportation check

  • Check of built components after transportation to customer or from suppliers

  • Check of jigs before and after delivery

Robotic adjustments

  • Adjustment of robotic equipment

Production line measurements

  • Dimensional checks of cars during build cycle