V-STARS Software

Images of the object

Measured points

Camera view angles

Point coordinates

Compare to Design

Deformation study

Online and Offline Mode Software

  • Fully Automated image measurements

  • Utilisation of coded targets - A unique code pattern allows V-STARS to identify targets automatically. This feature allows measurements to be completely automated.

  • Automatic identification of reference targets using our proprietary AutoMatch feature

  • High Performance bundle-triangulation with automatic robust blunder detection

  • Powerful Picture viewing facilities including movable, sizable zoom window, automatic contrast adjustment, picture catalog viewer etc.

  • Object based data management

  • Fast, efficient, proprietary image compression methods

  • Export functions to CAD software

  • Import functions from IGES files

  • Import from any CAD software through .CSV files

  • Graphical measurement viewer makes it easy to visualise or analyse data.

  • Several types of coordinate transformations are available including minimal transformations (3-2-1, Point-Line-Plane) as well as several possible weighted least square transformations.

Online Mode software

  • Real-Time measurements, so that coordinate measurements are available almost immediately after the pictures are taken.

  • Tracks multiple points in space that are taken simultaneously from at least two cameras. By virtue of multiple point tracking, the position and orientation (60 of freedom) of a moving part in space can be determined.


  • Best fit lines, circles, planes, spheres, cylinders, curves, parabola

  • Vector point calculation

  • Average point calculation

  • Point to point, Point to line, Point to circle, point to plane calculation and projection

  • Line to Line (closest approach)

  • Line to plane intersection

  • Plane to plane intersection

  • Point cloud to point cloud comparison (least squares best-fit)

  • ARM - Automated Repeatability Module completely automates repeatability measurements

  • Template projects for repeat measurements

  • Construction objects to simplify repetitive data analysis

  • Data alignment and transformation

  • Report generating capabilities