Unique measurements

The biggest strength of V-STARS lies in its ability to work where no other metrology equipment can.

Some extremely exciting measurements where V-STARS has proved to be indispensable are;

  • Underwater measurements - Nuclear reactors

  • Space measurements - On-board spacecrafts

  • Real-Time multiple object orientation and displacement tracking at 40Hz+

  • Robot arm movement measurements

  • Zero Gravity simulation measurements

  • Measurements atop wind turbines

  • Thermo-Vac and Zero - G chamber measurements

  • Measurement of large terrestrial antennas

  • Measurements on-board sea-faring ships right in the middle of the ocean

  • Measuring exactly the same point for deformation

  • Transferring control through hidden points

This list of unique measurements that are either not possible with other equipment, or possible with greater ease as compared to other metrology equipment, is endless. And for us, there is no greater joy than empowering our customers with such endless possibilities for extremely accurate, effortless, and quick co-ordinate measurements.

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