737 Lay up tool (2,189.49 kB)

777 Flap Tool (1,059.8 kB)

CMSC_2015_LAZAR_PAPER.pdf (2,913.38 kB)

Jig Measurement & Light Fitting mold (2,950.67 kB)

GE 90 Engine (1,856.95 kB)

Surface Measurement

  • Surface and Component Alignment verification

  • Lay up tools and die measurements

  • Real time inspection and adjustment

Deformation Measurement

  • Deformation due to changes in component position or attitude

  • Deformation due to load

  • Deformation due to temperature

  • Deformation due to pressure

  • Dynamic measurement

Shape analysis

  • Measurement of parts to verify dimensions

  • Verification of shape under load

Repeatability check

  • Repeatability of individual components

Remote Measurements

  • Remote measurements and virtual mating

Jig Verification

  • Periodic inspection of jigs

  • Verification after build

Pipe Measurement

  • Routing / Tracing pipe locations

  • Pipe replacement measurements

Transportation check

  • Check of built components after transportation

Fuselage measurement

  • Measurement of fuselage, mating features, internal features

Vibration Studies

  • Dimensional checks of components and structures undergoing deformation due to vibration