The following videos will help you understand how V-STARS Photogrammetry is used to collect data on objects of interest.

Picture Perfect Measurements

An introductory video which gives an overview of V-STARS Photogrammetry and its use

V-STARS Photogrammetry System

This video shows a wind tower flange 3D measurement done by the V-STARS/S Single Camera System, with a single operator in minutes without lifts or ladders.

Templating such measurements for production environments would make the user's job easier, by eliminating repetitive steps while processing and analysing the data collected.

V-STARS Real-Time System

This video shows a real-time measurement in progress, with the user tracking multiple points for part assembly.

V-STARS empowers users with the very unique ability to Real-Time track multiple points simultaneously. The user can also see in real-time, other points of interest that move owing to the movement of a given point of interest. V-STARS shows the deviation vectors in real-time, which helps the user ascertain the magnitude of adjustment further required.

DREAM - Machine Control application 

This video shows a mock drill's position and orientation being tracked in real-time. This information automatically collected by V-STARS Photogrammetry without any human intervention, is used to make a closed-loop error detection system