V-STARS /M System

V-STARS Real-Time System

consisting of 2 (or more) V-STARS cameras, probes, software

Typical Factory Floor Setup

(Cameras can be hand-held too)

Typical Metrology Cell setup for production environment

Hand-Held Probe
(requires NO power supply or data storage)

V-STARS/M Real-Time (or Multi Camera) System employs two or more cameras and operates as a portable optical coordinate measurement machine (CMM) to provide 3D coordinate measurement in real-time, in both stable and unstable environments, at a rate of up to 10 points per second.

V-STARS M employs two or more custom-built INCA4 cameras to make accurate, real-time measurements of static or dynamic objects, through use of wireless operated tactile probes, retro-reflective targets or projected PRO-SPOT points.

A unique feature of V-STARS/M Real-Time System is its ability to make real-time measurements in unstable environments WITHOUT any loss in accuracy.

In the Stable Mode of operation, stability of the cameras is required following the quick set up.  In Unstable Mode on the other hand, vibration or movement of the cameras can occur without resulting in loss of measurement accuracy. The Unstable Mode makes use of stable, targeted control points on the object so as to position the cameras each and every time images are recorded. Thus, movement of either the object or the cameras is fully compensated. Typically, the control field is established by a quick, automated single-camera V-STARS S Mode measurement.

V-STARS is traceable to NIST and has been fully tested and validated in accordance with the VDI/VDE 2634 standard for optical 3D measurement systems.

Click here to see how V-STARS can quickly and accurately build even in unstable environments.