Cold laser is a non-invasive, non-toxic treatment methodology that is able to be used for numerous types of acute and chronic pain. The Theralase® system works by delivering billions of photons to the tissue surface driving this energy down to the damaged cells that require this energy for healing. The Theralase® superpulsed laser technology is able to drive light energy up to 4” below the skin surface. Light energy of the correct wavelength(color) and power is able to dramatically increase the healing rate of damaged cells; thus allowing the body to heal itself at an accelerated rate. Pain is believed to originate from an ionic differentiation of potassium and sodium gradient across a cellular membrane.

The Theralase® superpulsed technology with its 905nm near infrared technology has been clinically proven to be absorbed by the inter-lipid layer forming the cellular membrane of cells. The increase in cellular membrane permeability induced by the Theralase® laser system causes a reabsorbion of sodium and potassium molecules thus removing the gradient and hence the pain signal.

LLLT has an anti-oedemic effect as it causes vasodilation, but also because it activates the lymphatic drainage system (drains swollen areas).

Anti-Pain (Antalgic)
Due to less inflammation, there is less of an oedema and thus less pain. LLLT stimulates the vasodilation and lymphatic drainage, which increases the reabsorption of pain-causing products. LLLT regulates the sodium-potassium pump (this pump maintains the potential across the membrane of a nerve cell, which leads to pain transmission signals) and thus removes the transmission of pain signals from this area.








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