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With deep roots in the automotive industry and a close association in a design capacity with motorsport, dnp global utilises its expertise, experience and deep reach in the Indian automotive industry to export automotive as well as other machinery spares to various countries, including the USA, Europe, the Middle East and African countries.

dnp global is partners with Design Auto Sport (India), a leading automotive consulting firm based in Bombay, India, and jointly offers design services to leading motorsport teams and passenger car manufacturers in India. We also manufacture single / twin seater race cars and are active in the field of engine modification for race and rally applications.

We facilitate the sourcing of various automotive parts and also other machined components as required by our clients across the globe, and have the same manufactured through our network of carefully selected manufacturing partners in India. Each manufacturing partner is a financially strong, quality and cost conscious company known for its excellence in its respective field.


While simple machined components in very large volumes is what we expertise in, we also provide goods in small lots. Complicated one-off parts too are a part of our offerings.

Such synergies work very well for countries where production quality is of prime importance, but production costs are high. At dnp global we aim to facilitate companies to achieve their financial goals through “on demand” high quality spare supplies.


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