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dnp global offers machined component supplies through a consortium of manufacturers and machinists to provide engineering goods. Our associates include companies that are specialists in CAD / CAM, casting, forging and machining. We also supply fabricated components and assemblies.

Our associates are companies well known in their respective fields and are committed to the best of quality, strict adherence to specifications and are committed to not only meeting but exceeding the customer's expectation.

We pool the resources of various individual units of such companies that specialize and excel in their respective fields of work, and serve as a one-stop-shop for all machining requirements. All our partners adhere to strict internal audit, equipment maintenance and upgradation, workman's safety, and training programs.

With a collective strength of 33 engineers and 148 skilled machinists who share our commitment, we are confident of meeting any demand for components in a high quality, timely and economical manner.


Nearly 100% of our business in machined components is export oriented, wherein we serve as a single sourcing resource for companies abroad who wish to entrust the sourcing of components to a single party. We as well as our partners strictly adhere to our internal non-disclosure norms to ensure client confidentiality.



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