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Device Authenticator PRO


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Mobilegov Device Linker secures your storage device by limiting its use to the computers you have previously chosen. Indeed, once the key is configured, it becomes useless on any computer other than those defined.


Device Linker Single Edition

This solution includes the software license (to install on your main computer) of Device Linker Single Edition.
1 SmartDrive storage device (up to 8GB). The license allows the configuration of the U3 SmartDrive in order to work on one or several machines. It allows you to manage the supplied device only.

Device Linker SOHO Edition
This solution includes the software license of Device Linker SOHO Edition (to install on a main computer). The License allows the configuration of unlimited amounts of U3 storage devices in order to configure them to work one or several machines only.


How does it work?

Device Linker uses the patented security technology of Mobilegov. The secured USB keys we provide contain two partitions:

- one CDROM partition (read only) which launches the software as soon as the key is plugged in, and

- one private partition protected by a password, without which this partition is not accessible to write or read)


Device Linker allows the key to be used on a group of previously authorized machines and to be useless on any other machines.

Device Linker governs the access to the protected partition, the one containing your personal data.


During the first configuration step, the device is connected to any computer on the network in order to define the environment on which it can be connected: this PC, a group of PCs, or any machine on the LAN.

The second step allows you to define the actions to take when the device is connected to an unknown environment:

- neutralize the device,

- detect the hardware configuration of the environment,

- request a temporary use of the device on that particular environment.



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