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Mobilegov Device Authenticator protects the computers and laptops on your network from the connection of potentially dangerous removable devices. It extends your security policy to all the removable devices connected to your network wireless or not. Only devices that have been previously authorized will work on the client machines of the network.

Mobilegov Device Authenticator manages equipments and devices (External and Internal) and links them to a user. The default policy being that any unknown devices should be neutralized.


Memorize your client machines' Hardware configurations and forbid any modifications on them. Secure your network from mobile devices such as PDAs & SmartPhones

Secure your network from internal & external devices
- wireless(Wifi, Bluetooth, etc.)
- non wireless (USB, Firewire, Ethernet, etc.)


External Equipments

- SmartCard readers
- USB memory equipments
- Other USB equipments
- Firewire equipments (IEEE1394)
- SCSI equipments
- Digital cameras
- Mobile Networks
- USB TNT equipments
- USB Webcams
- Audio equipments

Internal Equipments

- optical discs
- Monitors
- Disc readers
- Keyboards
- Pointing equipments
- Printers
- Motherboard
- Network cards
- Physical memory
- Processor(s)

Machine Identification

- Bios
- Operating System
- PCMCIA controller
- System
- Motherboard
- Video card
- Network
- Physical memory
- Processor


Strength & Flexibility

Manage and control devices:

   Allows you to set up advanced security policies by defining rules (forbidden, required, or optional device) by type of devices or by devices individually

   Detects configuration changes as well as hardware modifications on the client machine in real time

   Deploy rules from the server on the client machines

   Regular checks and updates of security policies

   Different types of alerts according to the type of attacks detected

   Rule assignment by machines or group of machines

   Total control over the security policy affecte to a user: Messages, Logs, Alerts and actions are configurable


Performance & Endurance

   Device Authenticator is the only solution on the market that can secure mobile equipment such as PDAs or smartphones!

   Powerful and evolving: the client/server architecture makes Device Authenticator an evolving solution whatever the amount of client machines on the network.

   Runs on Windows (Linux, Mac, and other OS upon request)

   Secured configuration files and data exchanges (X509 certificates, MD5, RSA, SHA1 encryption)

   May be deployed from the server to client machines in several ways including those available in the OS (for example Windows Server 2003 SMS service)

   Available in French and English (others upon request)

   Compatible with LDAP and ActiveDirectory.

   Very limited impact on client's performance.

   Active protection: the security policy is enforced by the agent even if the computer is disconnected from its network


Efficiency & Reactivity

     Offers statistical reports (by machines, by time slots, by log levels, etc.)

   Offers real-time alerts on the management console thanks to an intuitive and smart management board

   Ergonomic, easy and intuitive interface, rapid and straight-forward administration thanks to predefined




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