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Device Authenticator Pro

Device Linker

Mobilegov, based in France, specialises in software for data protection. DNP Global is Indian Sub Continent and APAC distributor for Mobilegov.

Developed in a close collaboration with major European industrials and academics, Mobilegov offers strong authentication processes for computer networks and their components.

Mobilegov has developed a unique technology that empowers the Administrator to ensure that any system or group of systems has not been modified and that it may be safely connected to a server or a distant database.

Mobilegov's technology helps you enforce your endpoint security policy as well as your mobile and resident equipment, thus empowering you to ensure the security of your sensitive data.


Mobilegov creates software security solutions that protect all types of equipments (PC, Server, PDA, Mobile phone, etc...) from the risk of being modified or substituted before they access a sensitive database.





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