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What is Cryogenic Treatment?





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What can you expect?

Why ACI?

Industries - Firearms


Firearms are a well known application for cryogenics. Treatment of the barrel has conclusively been shown to increase the accuracy of the the gun. Cryotreatment works to:

* Increase firearm accuracy
* Reduce barrel wear
* Reduce barrel fouling
* Reduce heating of the barrel
* Reduce wear on moving parts

We have gunsmith customers who will not work on a gun unless they can cryogenically treat the entire mechanism. They find that everything in the weapon works better after treatment.
The cost of treating a barrel or an entire gun is quite modest compared to the benefits. Note that it may be necessary to adjust the powder load to gain maximum benefit from cryogenic processing of the barrel, as the process does change the muzzle velocity and therefore the standing waves within the barrel.

Greater Accuracy.
When the barrels of firearms are treated, there is an increase in the accuracy of the rifle barrel. We attribute this to the fact that the barrel vibration is reduced and is much more stable than an untreated barrel. Some shooters report that they have been able to reduce the size of their pattern significantly through the use of the cryogenic process.

Less Wear
Cryogenic processing improves the wear resistance of a rifle barrel in the same manner it improves the wear resistance of tooling. This works for both rifle barrels and shotgun barrels. The process has been in use in the soviet block countries for some time for both small weapons and cannon

Reduced Barrel Fouling
Our customers routinely indicate that the process makes it easier to clean the barrel after a shooting session. This is a very popular feature and we get comments on it consistently even if we do not tell the customer to look for it.

Mechanical parts of the weapon last longer.
The mechanical parts of a firearm wear just as do machinery parts. Our gun customers who shoot a lot report that there are fewer failures of springs and other mechanical parts in a treated firearm. They also say that on fine guns, the action feels "silkier". We attribute this to the fact that the energy that would normally be used to wear the part is now not necessary in the action, thus the silkier feel.



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