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What is Cryogenic Treatment?





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What can you expect?

Why ACI?

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All types of perishable tools including hobs, drills, end mills, reamers, broaches, routers, knives, piercing tools, taps, hot die steels, HSS and carbide tools, Lathe Tools, Shaper Bits, Cut Off Tools, Saw Blades, Punches, dies, Shear Blades, Slitting Knives, Steel Rule Dies, Skiving Blades, Chain saws, Broaches, Milling Tools, Router Bits, Almost Any Cutting Tool

Cryogenic Processing has a great effect on High Speed Steel cutting tools. The normal result is that the tools will last considerably longer, typically 2 to 3 times longer. Carbide cutting tools generally see a two to three times increase in life. Works on coated and uncoated tools. Works on solid, indexable, and brazed.

The use of cryogenics on tooling presents a manufacturing company with the possibility of huge savings. More and more manufacturers are realizing that not using cryogenic processing creates huge amounts of waste and lost work.

High Speed Steel cutting tools respond very well to cryogenics. Double or triple the life is normal. The process is permanent, and many customers note that less material removal is required to sharpen tools that have been treated.

We don't know if the process has much effect on the carbide itself. We believe that the real effect is on the material binding the carbide together. Note that some researchers have found that the higher the percentage of recycled carbide in the tool, the less the effect of the cryogenic processing. Note that there is an increase in the bond of carbide parts that are brazed to a steel tool holder.

Saw blades are very good candidates for cryogenic processing. There seems to be a great deal of good done for blades that cut both metals and non metals. Circular saw blades cut longer and truer.



Both carbide and high speed steel cutting tools show significant life increases. Cryogenic processing is an excellent method of stretching the perishable tooling budget of large or small companies.

The pictures at the right show carbide inserts that were on the same milling cutter. Notice the difference in the wear. This is a very rugged test because the treated insert had to take up the slack as the untreated one wore out.



The use of cryogenic processing on high speed steel tooling is well known. High speed steel taps and end mills, drills, reamers, shaper bits, and broaches all respond to cryogenics. Typically, broaches will broach 3 times as many parts before sharpening is necessary. When sharpened, only 1/2 the amount of metal needs to be removed to achieve a sharp edge. This greatly increases the total number of pieces that a broach can cut in its lifetime.



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