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What is Cryogenic Treatment?





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What can you expect?

Why ACI?

Industries - Automotive and Other Machined components


Many parts of the car respond to cryogenic processing. Cryogenic processing has been proven and continues to be proven on the race track. Cryogenic processing has proven applications in the automotive industry. Virtually any part that is stressed or worn during use can benefit from cryogenic processing.

Treating the block and piston rings helps assure better ring sealing, which raises torque and increases engine life by reducing wear on the cylinder bores. Treating the block also reduces distortion of the block during machining and running. Blocks should be treated after all heavy machining is done and before final boring and honing. It is beneficial to treat both aluminum and cast iron blocks. Sleeved blocks and cylinders should also be treated.

Valve Train
Cryogenic Processing reduces wear in the valve train. This assures the valve timing remains constant. Treating the cams, valves, guides, keepers, and retainers assures minimum wear in this area and minimum breakage, which results in reduced sticking and more accurate timing. Treating valve springs allows our customer much longer life.

Rotating Assembly
Cryo Processing reduces wear and breakage of crankshafts. Cryo treating cast crankshafts greatly reduces wear and breakage. Cryo treating bearings helps to increase their life and reduce instances of cracking. Dyer's Top Rods cryogenically treats all of its connecting rods and is known for having one of the toughest rods in the market. Pistons resist detonation longer when treated, and also distort less in use. Piston pins wear less. Piston rings seal better, vibrate less, and last longer.

Other Engine Parts
Cylinder heads resist detonation better. Valve seats wear less. Oil and Water pumps last longer. Crankshafts, Pistons, Piston rings, bearings, Connecting rods respond to cryo by an increase in life and toughness.

Drive Train
Any stressed parts of a drive train will respond to cryogenic processing. Axles, ring and pinion, roller bearings, CV joints, and clutches all respond with beneficial affects of longer life and reduced breakage. One of our customers found both a longer clutch lining life and an increase in the coefficient of friction in cryogenically treated clutch parts. A major European manufacturer of CV joints has confirmed through their research that there is a lot of life to be gained by cryogenic processing.

Suspension springs and torsion bars both gain in life and do not lose their spring constant when treated. Sway bars live longer and remain more constant. Treating A arms and other links helps control vibration. Treatment of ball joints increases their life.

Improve Rotor Life and Pad life, Reduce or Eliminate Cracking, Reduce or Eliminate Warping


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