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What's photogrammetry?


INCA3 Camera













V-STARS/S8 System

The Single camera V-STARS S8 system provides the highest accuracy and portability.

V-STARS/S8 is a 3D coordinate measurement system that uses a single INCA3 camera to make fast, accurate measurements.

It is portable and consists of a notebook computer, a single high-resolution digital camera , the V-STARS software, and some accessories.

The INCA3 in the V-STARS S8 system is used to take pictures of the measured object from several different locations. The different camera locations are needed to ensure all points on the object are seen from enough geometrically diverse locations to get good intersection angles for triangulation.



The system measures retro-reflective targets or projected targets generated by PRO-SPOT. Images are taken with the INCA3 camera from several locations. The images are then automatically processed using V-STARS software.

The V-STARS S8 system is capable of measurement accuracies better than 4um + 4um/m (0.020mm@4m, < 0.001"@160")

The single camera system is extremely portable. The entire system (including notebook, camera and accessories) fits into two small cases that can be hand carried aboard an airplane. So the system can go with you anywhere in the world, and be immediately

available for work.



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