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What's photogrammetry?


INCA3 Camera














The V-STARS M8 Multiple camera system provides real-time measurement in unstable conditions.

V-STARS M8 is a 3D coordinate measurement system that uses two or more INCA3 cameras to make accurate, real-time measurements of static or dynamic objects.

Like the single camera system, the V-STARS M8 can measure retro-reflective targets, or projected PRO-SPOT targets. However, the V-STARS M8 can also measure features directly using small, wireless hand-held probes.


A unique feature of this system is its ability to make



real-time measurements in unstable environments.


The system can operate in stable mode, which provides a quick set up, but relies on the cameras remaining unmoved during the measurement period. Alternatively a non-stable mode is available that allows vibration or movement of the cameras to occur without loss of accuracy.


This mode locates the cameras each and every time a set of pictures is taken using a stable field of control points on the object. Thus, movement of the cameras is fully accounted for and of no consequence. Typically, the control field is established by a quick single-camera measurement.



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